Tuesday, February 8th

8:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:45 – 9:45 am IBA/IBIS Business Meeting & Industry Update

John Sorensen, President & CEO, IBA
Chad Ellsworth, President, IBIS
Dan Vessely, President, IBMC
Sharon Presnall, Sr. Vice President, IBA

A review of the past year for IBA, IBIS, and IBMC, and industry update panel discussion.

10:00am Welcome

10:10am Challenges & Opportunities Ahead
Esther George, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

As CEO of the Kansas City Fed, George leads a workforce of more than 2,000 employees located at the Bank’s Kansas City office and Branch offices in Denver, Oklahoma City and Omaha. Throughout the region, the Kansas City Fed plays a role in national monetary policy, supervises financial institutions and provides payment and financial services to depository institutions and the U.S. Treasury.

11:10am Networking Break

11:30am Legislative Luncheon
Legislative Leadership Panel

1:30pm Breakout Sessions

Investing in a Rising Rate Environment
Banks have been dealing with record cash balances and declining loan demand. Record low treasury rates have added to the challenges and left bankers with a balancing act of how to invest and how much cash to keep on hand. With higher rates potentially on the horizon and loan demand still not where we would like to see it, where should a bank focus when investing in this volatile environment?

Crypto 101
Crypto is still in the beginning stages of changing the way we interact with money. How we spend money, invest it, save it, gamble it, loan it, and tax it is still being determined. In this session, we will discuss why cryptocurrencies are not just a trend but a complete monetary system disruption.

Payments – Post Pandemic
Evolving and emerging payments mean the competitive landscape is shifting and businesses of all sizes need to stay informed about these changes. In this session, we will discuss remaining relevant and competitive in this post-pandemic environment. We will explore the benefits of new debit programs and technologies, the challenges they present and how increased options on payment networks could mean higher profitability for your institution.

2:45pm Refreshment Break

3:15pm Breakout Sessions Repeat

4:30-6:30pm Legislative Reception

Please take this opportunity to network with your legislators.

Wednesday, February 9th

7:30am Buffet Breakfast & Speaker
Now Where are We? – The Economic Roller Coaster
Chris Kuehl, Managing Director, Armada Corporate Intelligence

This has not been a good year for those with economic motion sickness. We have plumbed the depths of despair and seen the heights of optimism and back again. Where do we stand now? Is 2022 now the real year of recovery, or do we drag some of the turmoil from the last two years along? Bankers are once again the frontline troops for the economy, and there are more questions than answers.

9:15am Attracting Tomorrow’s Talent with Today’s Leaders
Steve Bench, Generational Consulting

Talent attraction & retention are more important than ever, and successful teams must attract talent from all generations. This session focuses on management techniques and your company culture. Steve will discuss ways to engage Boomer and Gen X leadership to create a work culture that is attractive to young professionals. Learn management strategies you can use immediately to engage Millennial and Generation Z talent and keep them from leaving!

10:15am Refreshment & Networking Break

10:30am What Happens Next?
Mark Zinder, Mark Zinder & Associates

We live in increasingly uncertain times; rapid economic changes, global unrest, and bi-partisan bickering have all lead to an underlying sense of uncertainty. In addition to the current climate, headlines are screaming that robots and artificial intelligence are going to eliminate worker’s jobs. What if they are all wrong? What if we are merely extrapolating the present and ignoring the possibilities of the future? History books are full of examples of previous revolutions that came and went: the industrial revolution, the railroad revolution, electrification, mass production, and now, quite possibly, the information technology revolution. In this presentation, you will discover how we are nearing the end of this revolution while another is just beginning, providing a fresh wave of prosperity.

11:30am Adjourn

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