Steve Bench

Steve is a nationally recognized speaker who has shared his message with audiences across the country, earning the nickname “The Millennial Guy”. Prior to founding Generational Consulting, Steve was program director for Business World where he worked with thousands of teenagers every year and those Millennials have informed and inspired his presentations. Steve will energize your event and get people talking!

Esther George

George joined the Fed in 1982 and served much of her career in the Division of Supervision and Risk Management. She began by becoming a commissioned bank examiner and eventually served for ten years as the District’s chief regulator. In that capacity, she was responsible for oversight of the District’s state-chartered member banks and nearly 1,000 bank and financial holding companies, as well as the Bank’s discount window and risk management functions. She was directly involved in the Tenth District’s banking supervision and discount window lending activities during the banking crisis of the 1980s and post-9/11. She is a former chair of the Federal Reserve System’s Community Banking Organizations Management Group. George has also served as the acting director of the Federal Reserve’s Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Christopher Kuehl

Dr. Christopher Kuehl is Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence and one of the co-founders of the company. He has been Armada’s economic analyst and has worked with a wide variety of private clients and professional associations in the last 18 years. He is the Chief Economist for the National Association for Credit Management. He prepares NACM’s monthly Credit Managers Index. He is also the Economic Analyst for the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association and writes their bi-weekly publication, Fabrinomics, which details the impact of economic trends on manufacturers. Chris is the chief editor for the Business Intelligence Brief, distributed all over the world by business organizations and one of the primary writers for the Black Owl Report. He also makes approximately 100 presentations each year to business and industry associations in the US and overseas.

Mark Zinder

Mark Zinder is a seasoned financial professional and keynote speaker with a
unique gift for making the complicated clear as he examines the trends and
ideas actively shaping business today. Mark’s distinctive and captivating
style has made him one of the busiest and most requested speakers in the
fields of finance, economics and business development. Mark came to the financial industry 30 years ago and gained immediate
recognition for his engaging seminars and market intuition. He honed his talents as National Spokesman for Franklin Templeton, where he spent over six years consulting with Sir John Templeton, Dr. Mark Mobius, Mr. Michael Price, and other renowned economists and money managers.